Dr. Kamal Ahmed Khan

Dr. Kamal Ahmed Khan is one of the most senior, seasoned and experienced ophthalmologists in Pakistan. He possesses an impressive and astounding over forty years experience earned internationally.

Dr. Kamal Ahmed Khan have not only practiced ophthalmology on senior most positions but also taught the subject to medical students in different countries including United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. He also served as Chief of Ophthalmic Service in Al-Nahwan ZMH during 1992-2000.

Teaching Experiences include Teaching of SHO’s & Medical Student in UK and Teaching of residents to date, Nursing School Syllabus and Teaching, preparation and Examination in Ophthalmology for initial years from 77 to 82 in UAE.

Dr. Kamal Ahmed Khan received his higher qualifications from UK; including Diploma DORCS (London), MRC (Opthithal) and Fellowship FRCS (Eden). He also received special clinical trainings from international pioneers in the field of Anterior Segment including Anterior segment reconstruction, Advanced Glaucoma Surgery, IOL & Keratoplasty, Excimer laser surgery, and Posterior Segment including Retinal Detachment Surgery, Vitrectomies, Fluoresein Angiography, Squint Surgery.

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