Dr. Shahab Ul Hasan Siddiqui

Dr. Shahab Ul Hasan’s career defines the term “Constant Learning and Development”. Dr. Shahab Ul Hasan belongs to the younger generation of Ophthalmologist at Hashmanis Hospital with just over 10 years of professional experience.

During this tenure; however, he had exposure to almost all practices and facets of eye care; from conducting OPD Procedures to performing surgeries. After receiving his MBBS from Baqai Medical University, he went abroad for higher specialized qualifications of PLAB and FCPS from United Kingdom.

He have handful of experience with OPD Procedures – YAG laser xcapsulotomy/ iridotomy and argon laser photocoagulation – and Surgeries – excision of pterygium and chlazion, ecce, evisceration, trauma repair, amniotic membrane transplant, tarsorhaphy and intra vitreal injections, phacoemulsification, secondary intra occular lens implantation, trabeculactomy, squint correction, vitrectomy and trauma repair.

Dr. Shahab Ul Hasan’s has also played his part in educating the students at Baqai Medical University by delivering lectures and conducting seminars, tutorials and practical sessions. He conducted many workshops on various topics related to healthcare and communications. He has also written a dissertation titled “Progression Of Diabetic Retinopathy After Phacoemulsification”.


  • Communication Skills – January 2008 - CPSP
  • Primary Surgical Skills – December 2007 - CPSP
  • Introduction to Computer and Internet – August 2007 - CPSP
  • Research Methodology, biostatistics and dissertation writing– December 2006 - CPSP
  • Trauma Management – March 2004 - CPSP
  • Acute Management of Burns – January 2004 - LNH
  • Basic Life Support – January 2004 - LNH
  • Nutritional Assessment of critical patients – January 2004 - LNH
  • Emergency cricothyrotomy – January 2004 - LNH


  • Written Dissertation on the topic of “Progression Of Diabetic Retinopathy After Phacoemulsification” Under Supervision Of Dr. Maqsood Ahmed Burq, as a requirement for FCPS II Exam.
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