Corneal Graft

Corneal Graft or Corneal Transplantation is the procedure where the damaged cornea of the eye is replaced by healthy cornea. The procedure depends on post postmortem donation of cornea that is transplanted in the place of a diseased or otherwise dysfunctional cornea.

Cornea is the transparent cover of the eye that covers all other eye structures such as pupil and iris. Cornea acts as the protective layer that protects these and inner structures of the eye from dust, germs and other foreign bodies.

The procedure is often carried out when all other therapies of cornea repair have been exhausted. Thus, Corneal Graft

The Need For Corneal Graft

Corneal Graft is carried out for three major reasons
  • To restore the normal volume of light entering the eye. This is a common issue when the cornea becomes scarred and disfigured because of disease or trauma.
  • To reconstruct the cornea after physical damage such as thinning of the tissue of cornea. A related scenario is the reconstruction of the eye after major disfigurement or acute trauma.
  • To replace scarred or diseased corneal tissue

In limited number of cases, Corneal Graft is carried out to improve the appearance of the eye because of clouded or damaged upper layers of cornea.

Since corneal tissue required for the procedure comes from a donor, people are encouraged to donate their cornea after their deaths.