Dacryocystitis (DCR)

Dacryocystitis is the eye condition where the lacrimal sac becomes infected or inflamed. This leads to a painful situation in which the patient is unable to see clearly because of the tears and sometime swollen eyes.

Lacrimal sac is the channel that connects the eye to the nasal cavity. The sac provides a way for tears to drain off without overflowing out of the eyelids. When this passage is blocked because of an infection or obstruction, the tears have no other outlet.

Symptoms Of Dacryocystitis

The most common symptom of Dacryocystitis is continuous tearing of the infected eye. This is often accompanied by redness of the eye. Since the blockage of the lacrimal duct will invariably result in infection of the area, the patient usually complains of pain in the eye and the adjacent area of nose.

A simple test of the condition is pressing the side of the eye that attaches to the nose will cause discharge from the eye. This is usually the byproduct of infection.

The condition could quickly worsen into a full-fledged infection of the surrounding area. A high fever is the evidence that the infection has progressed to the stage where immediate medical intervention is required.

In many cases, the condition could go unnoticed. The only indication could be constantly teary eyes that overflow regularly. The condition could indicate a partial or complete blockage of lacrimal sac. In such cases, the doctor might order ultrasound imaging eye exams to clarify and pinpoint the cause of over-tearing of the eyes.