Ectropion Surgery

The eyelids protect the eye from foreign bodies and dust. These thin flaps of skin are connected to muscles that control their movement.

The main purpose of these flaps is to protect the eyeball from dust and debris and to maintain a very thin layer of tear fluid at all times. This prevents the eyes from drying out. Because of the action of the muscles, the eyelids move up and down almost thousands of times a day. Since eyelids are the only line of defense against dust and foreign bodies, any issue in the function would cause damage to the eyes.

There are cases where eyelids turn out. The medical term for the condition is Ectropion, which means “turning out”. The condition affects the lower eyelid more than the upper eyelid. In very rare cases, the condition could affect both eyelids. However such cases are very rare.

Ectropion could affect a single eye or both eyes at the same time. When it affects one eye, it is known as Unilateral Entropion. In the case of both eyes, the condition is known as Bilateral Ectropion.

Symptoms Of Ectropion

The affected eye becomes red and swollen. The patient will feel a constant irritation as though there is a foreign body in the eye. There will be excessive tear production. If the condition is allowed to persist, the result is damage to cornea and loss of vision.

Surgical Treatment

The eye experts usually manage the condition by lubricating the eye. However, surgery is often recommended for cases where the problem is severe. The procedure is conducted under anesthesia.