Entropion Surgery

Entropion is the name of the condition in which eyelids turn inwards. This results in constant friction of the eyelashes with cornea. Left untreated, the result could be complete loss of vision because of damage to the eye.

A common issue with this condition is the constant rubbing of the eyes because of the irritation. This only results in a viscous circle of rubbing the eye and the increased damage to the surface of the eye because of the eye lashes.

The constant rubbing of the lashed also induce scarring as cornea tried to heal itself. However, because of the nature of cornea, the progress is slow. In the meanwhile, the freshly exposed surface of the cornea is the perfect place for an infection.

Entropion could affect one eye, in which case it is known as Unilateral Entropion. In the case where it affects both eye, the condition is known as Bilateral Entropion.

Usually, the condition affects older people. In rare cases, the condition is congenial. In such cases, the situation improves as the age progresses. In the case of elderly, the normal course of treatment includes treatment and prevention of infection to the eye. The therapy mainly depends upon the damage to the cornea as a result of the condition. In many cases, constant lubrication is often enough to keep the cornea germ free. In extreme cases, surgery is often the last option left for the treatment of the condition.