Entropion Symptoms

Entropion is the condition where the inward turn of the lower eyelid cause physical damage to the cornea and related surface structure of the eye.

The condition is often considers a problem of elderly people. In fact, a vast majority of the people suffering from the issue are in their 60 and above. There have been instances of entropion in younger people but such cases are very rare. An exception to this rule is congenial entropion that affect newborns.

All cases of entropion share several common symptoms that make it easy to diagnose the condition.

The main symptom is the constant red color and irritation of the eye. All patients report the feeling of the presence of a foreign body in the eye. This causes the patient to run the eye. The result is more mechanical trauma to the eye.

Some patients report severe difficulties in keeping the affected eye open. This is one of the serious symptoms of the issue which could result in partial or complete loss of vision.

The affected eye becomes very sensitive to light. In addition, some patients also report an increase in sensitivity to wind.

Increased production of tears is a natural reaction of the irritation of the cornea. This is a response to the constant feeling of having a foreign body in the eye. The eye tries to flush the offending piece of debris out by increasing the production of tears.

All these symptoms result in poor vision as the eye is constantly troubled and unable to focus correctly