Wavefront Guided LASIK

Wavefront Guided LASIK is the latest iteration of the popular LASIK surgery. The procedure is considered the most precise and thus the most effective LASIK procedure available.

The procedure produces amazing results in terms of precision and approach to the correction of refractive error. The success of the procedure lies in the use of computer generated imagery and the precise application of laser during the operation.

In the case of conventional LASIK, every patient receives similar application of laser. This is main reason of the variable results for the patients. Since the procedure is the same for every patient, there is no provision for dealing with the specifics of the shape of the cornea and the sculpture process.

Wavefront Guided LASIK procedure is designed to address these shortcomings by using a 3D image of the eye. This image is processed by the computer that controls the laser. Thus, the system is better aware of the shape of the cornea. The computer works out the best plan of reshaping the cornea by laser.

The result of the procedure is a highly customized output that is tailored for the patient. Thus, the procedure is able to produce highly accurate reshaping of the cornea and consequent correction in refractive error of the eye under surgery.

Many doctors prefer this procedure over conventional LASIK because of higher probability of success. Since the laser follows computer generated instruction, there is a far greater chance that the patient will achieve 20/20 vision. Unlike LASIL, the procedure could be used on eyes that were previously treated with laser based procedures.