Symptoms of a Retinal Detachment

In spite of its sudden nature, there are several warning signs that patients should not ignore.

The appearance of floaters is one of the most important symptoms of Retinal Detachment. These are dark spots that appear to swim in the field of vision.

Some patients reported seeing short flashes of light in one of the eyes.

All patients report blurred or distorted vision that is considered a common symptom of Retinal Detachment.

Any of these three symptoms should cause the patient to seek immediate medical attention. These signs are a clear indication that an episode of Retinal Detachment is about to take place.

Causes Of Retinal Detachment

There are four major causes of Retinal Detachment.

The most common cause of the issue is a retinal tear. A retinal tear is caused by shrinking or drying of vitreous (the jelly like substance that fills the eye). This shrinking cause a pull on the retina, causing a tear. These tears lead to Retinal Detachment.

Direct injury to the eye could also cause retina to detach from its position

An eye disorder that causes inflammation in the eye could also cause Retinal Detachment in extreme cases.

Retinal Detachment could also happen in diabetes. This is common in advanced stages of diabetes.

Retinal Detachment could also happen because of advancing age.

Because of anyone or a combination of the above mentioned factors, retina could become thin and brittle. Combined with shrinkage, the probability of a retinal tear increases. The event could escalate into a full blown episode of Retinal Detachment.