Pioneering Innovations in Ophthalmology also known as PIO, is a platform to share revolutionary trends and upcoming innovations in the field of Ophthalmology. To date, five such conferences have been organized with the participation of local and international ophthalmologists. Our hosting speakers include honorable names like Dr. Carlos G Arce, Dr. General Mazhar Ishaq, Dr. Sharif Hashmani and many more renowned ophthalmologists.

The purpose of PIO is to inform students of Medicine and Doctors to train them in term of advancement in Ophthalmology, this is why it’s a collaborative forum where Ophthalmologists from across Pakistan join hands to discuss Ophthalmology related topics. Every year we receive more than 200 entries for the said event. The event aim to carry out in a professional way creating a healthy atmosphere for the participants as well as the speakers. The participants are awarded Rs. 50,000 cash prize according to the judges’ decision and expertise. Renowned Ophthalmologists are also presented with the “Gold Medal” to honor the services they provided in the field over the years.

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