CXL + Topography-Guided PRK

CXL + Topography-Guided PRK

Keratoconus is a progressive eye disease which is very common in people around the world and often begins in adolescence and adulthood which most people are not aware of. Topography-guided PRK combined with corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) is an innovative new treatment for keratoconus.

It is an advanced laser procedure which helps in improving the visual function in selected Keratoconus patients.

However, this procedure is mostly used to reduce the corneal optical irregularities which causes the static and decreased visual function within the keratoconic eye. The laser reshapes your corneal surface to a more symmetric and rounder shape to enhance the corneal optical architecture and visual performance by utilizing your custom corneal topography data. The goal is to enhance visual quality with glasses or contact lens by improving the corneal shape depending on your problem. In some cases, on patients who have had corneal collagen cross-linking and topography-guided PRK, additional procedures are performed for better results.

Keratoconus could be a chronic disease; but a stepwise treatment plan can get you the best long-term vision. Not all procedures are for everyone that’s why at Hashmanis we design tailored approaches for each patient based on the condition of their eye which combines a range of procedures for better results.

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