General Services

General Services


Hashmanis provides treatment for all eye-related conditions and diseases, our highly trained specialists and paramedical staff provide top-level care and expertise to each patient. We are the only hospital in Pakistan, equipped with the most advanced operation theatres of highest international standards, we are capable of handling all sorts of critical situations.

We are a hundred bedded tertiary Healthcare system with 7 Hospitals across Sindh working 24/7 to safely meet the patient’s medical needs and to provide all sort of urgent care services in case of emergency. Our advanced intensive care unit (ICU, NICU and PICU) is known to be the best in the area which provides comprehensive and continuous care to the critically ill patients.

The flagship hospital offers services in the following modalities:

Emergency | Laboratory | Orthopedic | General Surgery | Critical Care | E.N.T | Pediatric | Radiology | Ophthalmology | Dentistry | Gynecology | General Medicine | Neurology | Cardiology | Oncology | Pulmonology


Hashmanis Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre has achieved its reputation in a short period of time as one of the leading laboratories in Pakistan equipped with the most modern and state-of-the-art technology that is operated by a fleet of highly qualified specialists.

Hashmanis laboratory offers a wide array of laboratory tests and comprehensive consultation in clinical and diagnostic immunology.

Key Features of our LAB

  • We make sure to keep the results reliable and confidential.
  • We possess all the emergency electrical backup systems to make sure that our patients receive incessant lab services round the clock.
  • Our sophisticated and automated laboratory is designed with the aim to provide accurate and rapid results.
  • We strictly monitor and scrutinize all the staff members to ensure that high-quality services are delivered.
  • We are dedicated to providing the quality test results with our motto “RELIABLE and AFFORDABLE”, thus we make sure to give reliable and reproducible test reports at the most reasonable rates possible.
  • We are all and all focused on keeping a customer-friendly environment by providing personalized services to our clients.

We are also involved in research and the development of diagnostic tests for a wide range of immune-based disorders.

  • We have 11 collection centers located at different parts of Karachi where you can get yourself tested with ease.
  • Our lab collection points are located at Hashmanis Numaish, Hashmanis Tariq Road, Hashmanis Shaheed-e-Millat, Hashmanis Clifton, Hashmanis Luckyone Mall, Hashmanis Hashmanis Ocean Mall, Hashmanis North Karachi, Hashmanis Ranchore-Line, Hashmanis Gulistan-e-Johar, Hashmanis Zamzama and Hashmanis Bagh-e-Halaar.

The tertiary care Laboratory is centrally located at Hashmanis Head Office near Mazar-e-Quaid at main M.A Jinnah Road.


With a team of experienced pharmacists, we ensure to provide both inbound and outbound patients with 100% authentic medicines 24/7. We have a wide range of authentic healthcare medicines and products for every disease and every procedure than your average high street chemist or pharmacy. We work directly with the world’s leading brands to provide our customers with the best and latest products. We pride ourselves with our commitment and dedication to our customers and their needs. We stock everything from an eye drop to your everyday over-the-counter medicines and healthcare products.

At Hashmanis, all the medicines are stored under controlled temperatures to maintain the quality. Our medicines are affordable and at market competitive prices so that the authentic medicines stay within the reach of everyone.


Hashmanis Radiology Department aims to provide a world class radiology service with its dedicated Consultant Radiologists supporting a clinical network that collectively strives for excellence in patient care. Our Radiology Department works 24/7 providing quality services to both in-bound and out-bound patients. With state of the equipment’s and a dedicated team of experienced Radiologists, Research faculty and Certified Radiographers, we are committed to provide quality services to every patient.

At Hashmanis, our team of radiologists use a variety of imaging techniques to diagnose and treat diseases. These include:

  • X-rays
  • MRI – magnetic resonance imaging scans
  • Ultrasounds
  • CT – computed tomography scans
  • Nuclear medicine scans – such as bone scans, thyroid scans and PET CT scans
  • Interventional radiology – minimally invasive medical procedures conducted under the guidance of imaging technologies
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