Delayed Visual Maturation (DVM)

Delayed Visual Maturation (DVM)

Delayed visual maturation (DVM) is an eye disorder of blurry vision which occurs to some infants who appear to have difficulty in following any objects. Only in some cases, the DVM disorder affects babies during their first 6 months where their vision is normally blurry but it improves with time as the child begins to coordinate sight in both eyes but sometimes it can extend to 12 months as well. In some cases the child’s vision does not get better and other vision problems occur.

Delayed visual maturation Symptoms

Children with Delayed Visual Maturation have:

  • blurry vision
  • difficulty in following any objects

Delayed visual maturation Diagnosis

The cause for the development of the DVM disorder is still unknown. In some cases children often diagnosed with delayed visual maturation show other signs of delayed neurological development and infantile spasms. In both cases with the help of treatment, there is vision improvement in vision and the child’s vision will catch up to normal. The eye doctor will diagnose this disorder with the help of a few test, such as:

  • Eye exam
  • MRI
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