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About Us

We are Setting Standards in Eye Care in Pakistan

Hashmanis – the very name symbolizes a pioneering vision and a standard of healthcare. Hashmanis has forever changed the landscape of Ophthalmology in Pakistan. Founded in 1971, the group is credited for introdusing over 15 different treatment modalities in the field of Ophthalmology. Currently, Hashmanis is the only Hospital in Pakistan performing certain treatments and is privileged to be counted among a handful of hospitals in the world to perform advanced treatments such as laser assisted (bladeless) cataract surgery and Topography Guided LASIK.

We are Proud to be:

  • The most well-equipped Eye Hospital chain in Pakistan
  • The only hospital in Pakistan to provide specialized treatments for refractive surgeries, glaucoma, cataract, corneal, pediatric, and retinal eye problems.
  • A point of referral by other hospitals for the most complicated cases that cannot be performed anywhere else.
  • Credited for introducing services like LASIK, Femto Cataract, Phakic IOL, Ocular CT Scan.
  • Credited for introducing OCT, OCT Angiography, iTrace and confocal microscopy in Pakistan
  • A tertiary Healthcare system with 7 Hospitals across Sindh
  • A hospital chain with the most experienced and leading doctors and paramedical staff in Pakistan.
  • Equipped with the most advanced operation theatres of highest international standard capable of handling all sorts of critical situations.
  • Known as the only hospital offering 5 OCT scanning services with the latest technology around the world.
  • The Hospital performing all advanced eye procedures and surgeries to the underprivileged citizens Free of cost under Hashmanis Foundation Zakat fund.
  • Trusted by the highest number of international patients every year from all over the world; be it US, UK, UAE, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, KSA etc.

Our Corporate Timeline


Established Khadija Eye Hospital at Abdullah Haroon Road


Introduced IOL in Pakistan


Established Second Eye Hospital at Numaish


Introduced Phacoemulsification Procedure in Pakistan


Introduced Wavefront LASIK Technology in Pakistan


Established 3rd Eye Hospital in Clifton


Intrroduced Torsional Phaco in Pakistan


Introduced Phakic IOLs in Pakistan


Established 4th Eye Hospital in Johar


Established 5th Eye Hospital in North Karachi


Established 6th Eye Hospital in Thatta


Pakistan’s first Eye Hospital in a Mall

What Our Patients Say About Us!

We strive for better patient experience and provide exclusive healthcare services to all our patients. Here is what our patients have to say about Hashmanis Hospital.

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