Dr. Afifa Shams

Dr. Afifa Shams

  • Timings :
    Monday To Friday 05:00 PM To 11:00 PM
    Sunday 11:00 AM To 05:00 PM (Saddar Branch)

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Dr. Afifa Shams

Dr. Afifa Shams is a consultant ophthalmologist with over 10 years of extensive experience specializing in eye oculoplastic, refractive errors and minor eye procedures such as primary repairs, chalazion, pterygium excision, intravitreal injection among others.

She is qualified with an MBBS from Nawab Shah University and a Member of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (MCPS) from Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College, Pakistan.

Dr. Afifa Shams has performed hundreds of eye surgeries and procedures and believes in managing her patients with simplicity and integrity. She prefers to speak with her patients thoroughly, giving critical insights and aspects into their eye problems and making sure the conversation is crisp, clear and to the point. She makes every effort to ensure her patients are given the right level of comfort and understanding throughout the journey of their eye health.

During leisure, she likes to shop and spend quality time with family and friends

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