Femto LASIK is one of the most advanced and efficient bladeless laser eye treatment technology introduce by Hashmanis in Pakistan. With the help of this procedure the surgeon can easily correct refractive errors between -12 and +6 D. The main difference between standard LASIK and Femto-LASIK is the corneal flap preparation. In LASIK, the flap is cut with the microkeratome (small cutting blade), while in Femto-LASIK, the flap is cut with the femtosecond laser (a bladeless technology). Due to its unsurpassed accuracy, Femto LASIK is ideal for those with relatively higher prescription or thin corneas, its unique bevel-in flap edge creates a more accurate and secure corneal flap and improves healing process beyond older forms of the microkeratome.

The Procedure:

In Femto LASIK the corneal flap is created with the help of femtosecond laser, also known as “bladeless Laser” technology.” The cornea is the clear front part of your eye, and the flap is a thin layer created to protect the surface of the cornea for protection. During the procedure the protective flap, is lifted to allow the laser to reshapes the cornea for vision correction. The laser is then reshapes the cornea for vision correction. After the procedure is complete, the protective flap is replaced for healing. This innovative technique is used to prepare the cornea for laser vision correction surgery.


Patients with thinner-than-average corneas, or having larger-than-average pupils or greater-than-average prescriptions, Femto LASIK is the ideal procedure to put into practice. The patients are more comfortable as the procedure does not involve the use of a blade. Femto LASIK takes into account more extensive applications while keeping up the incredible results and safety of a microkeratome.



The Photo Refractive Keratectomy – PRK procedure is usually used when the cornea is too thin, the pupils is too large, or prescription is too high to safely create a flap. The procedure involves polishing away the surface skin of the cornea and then applying the laser procedure. With PRK, corneal tissues are saved by not creating a flap. FEMTO LASIK is consider to be an alternative to PKR in certain cases as this technique allows for the creation of an ultra-thin corneal flap.

At Hashmanis Group of Hospitals, we use the latest femtosecond technology for laser vision correction.

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