Topography Guided LASIK

Topography Guided LASIK

Topography Guided LASIK

Topography-guided LASIK is an advanced treatment available at Hashmanis for myopia and astigmatism patients. The procedure customizes the laser treatment according to the unique surface shape of your eye. Topography-guided LASIK includes wavefront optimization, specifically designed to improve the final shape of the surface of the cornea to prevent side effects like glare and halos at night. It  can also treat patients with abnormal corneal surfaces who may have been told they weren’t candidates for LASIK surgery.

The Procedure:

The customised treatment uses a variety of extremely detailed images on both your eyes, in order to assess a patient’s specific vision correction needs. The patient’s eye is imaged on the device to analyzed the cornea using 44,000 unique elevation points.  This detailed data is then sent to a surgical planning computer to form a custom profile of the patient to optimize vision.

The Topography Guided LASIK advantages

Topography guided LASIK allows the correction of vision in patients, including those with higher prescriptions and even patients who  weren’t candidates for LASIK surgery in the past.

Better quality of vision: Topography guided LASIK can improve the quality of vision both at day and night compared to standard LASIK treatments. The laser is capable of treating patients with larger pupils and the results are much better for night time vision quality. It also prevent side effects like glare and halos at night.

Increased accuracy and safety: Topography guided LASIK removes 20%-30% less corneal tissue of the eye, which is more healthier and safer. It is highly recommended for patients with thin cornea, larger pupils, or higher prescriptions.

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