Lens PresbyVision

Lens PresbyVision

Lens PresbyVision

Lens PresbyVision is an all-in-one procedure designed to help patients treat their presbyopia so they can enjoy a clear vision.

Lens PresbyVision is slightly different from standard LASIK as no excimer laser is used to correct your vision. Instead, a surgeon will replace the natural lens of your eye with an artificial lens known as trifocal lens or extended depth of focus – EDOF lens. In the past, bifocal lenses were used to correct near to far distances. But now, with the help of  PresbyVision, you see clearly from near, intermediate and far distances. In addition to presbyopia, the use of the trifocal lens can also remove symptoms of other common existing eye conditions, such as myopia also known as nearsightedness, hyperopia also known as farsightedness and astigmatism. Reading glasses and bifocal lenses can only address some part of the underlying problem of presbyopia while Lens PresbyVision is an all-in-one procedure.

The steps of this surgery are straightforward:

iTrace Aberrometer: A Wavefront Aberrometer and Corneal Topography device measures the vision quality and visual function of the eye using a fundamental thin beam principle of optical ray tracing, a first in eye care diagnostics. The iTrace projects 256 near-infrared laser beams in a unique sequence into the eye to understand each eye in detail. This helps the surgeon to recommend the optimal IOL for your individual eye or the refractive procedure for the best outcome.

Step One:

The surgeon will first use eye drops to numb the eyes.

Step Two:

The surgeon will create a tiny incision within the eye to insert the lens. With the help of phacoemulsifier, the eye’s natural lens will be removed carefully.

Step Three:

Once that step is completed, the trifocal lens or extended depth-of-focus (EDOF) lens will be inserted in the eye, replacing the natural, hardened version. The process of self-healing begins immediately.

The lens is permanent, unlike an average soft contact lens. It will be implanted directly into the eye so you won’t need to worry about inserting or taking it out every day.

PresbyVision is a safe and effective surgery with life-changing results. It helps in eliminates the need of cataract surgery future which is a common eye condition that affects more than half of the population aged 75 and above. The recovery process is relatively quick after the procedure but it is highly recommended to rest for a full before returning to your routine life.

After Lens PresbyVision:

Less than 5% of the patients occasionally wear glasses or bifocals after the procedure. It is consider to be the safest procedure, having been used in 43 countries around the world.

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